Meet the Dental Goats

Your favorites from the “goat-go”

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Let us introduce to you the stars of Tooth Acre Farms,
our Dental Goats!

The name Dental Goat is a play on the acronym, G.O.A.T or Greatest Of All Time.

We know that when you get to know our little herd you’ll discover exactly why a dentist couldn’t resist the calling to become a goat owner and homestead farmer!

Tooth Acre Farms is unique. No where else will you find a place like this beautiful West Virginia homestead where the practice of dentistry and homestead farming collide. It’s always evolving, just like our little herd, but we’re all in this together so we invite you to meet the goats that started it all.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Myotonic -MGR

Kidding Season 2023-Keep checking in for new kids!

Looking for your next goat? Shoot us an message.