We Found Our Reason to Smile

Faith, Farm Life & Dentistry

Every day I walk outside and take a deep breath of fresh clean air.

I turn to look to the left and the right and see our vast 30 acres of green fields full of wildflowers, growing potatoes, and our honey bee hives. To the right is the barn. I can hear the clamoring of the dental goats. They are hungry and bleating for their breakfast. As I enter their pen they crowd around my legs looking for scratches or nuzzling my hands for treats. My dog, Bruxie, pads alongside me. She knows better than to mess with the goats before they eat. But the ducks — the ducks never learn.

One hops on the back of one of the billy goats and squawks as it gets bucked off. I watch it waddle toward the pond, its tailfeathers stiff with indignation.

I smile.

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men."

Welcome to Tooth Acre Farms

Welcome to Tooth Acre Farms — the home of Ariel and Ben Wood, three boys, a barn cat, a bunch of goats, ducks, chickens, guinea fowl, three loyal livestock guard dogs, hard work, mud, and so many reasons to smile.

We founded our rural West Virginia farm in 2020 with a dream to create a simpler sustainable joyful life for our family. As first-generation farmers we’re learning our way around homesteading, raising goats, harvesting honey, farming our 30 acres of land, and developing body care products with all-natural ingredients.

5 Fun Facts about Tooth Acre Farms


Ariel is a Doctor of Dental Surgery. Yep, she’s a practicing dentist that supports our local community. It was her two passions that gave us the name Tooth Acres Farm and established Dental Goats.

Dental Goat

Dental Goat is an ideology that places emphasis on the popular acronym G.O.A.T or greatest of all time. If you’ve never been around an actual goat, we’re here to tell you it’s all love and laughter when you watch their antics. It can be a lot of work, to maintain their barn and make sure they stay healthy. But, we love every minute of it.

Tooth Acres

Tooth Acres is a myotonic goat farm. Myotonic goats are fainting goats and they are considered an endangered breed. We are part of the Myotonic Goat Registry (MGR) and breed and sell registered myotonic goats.


Ben is a heavy equipment operator turned beekeeper. Who knew that deep down he was an apiarist at heart? Now we have 6 hives with the amazing benefits of harvesting honey and beeswax.

Our Shop

We’re getting ready to sell our products at local markets and here on our website. Yes, tooth powder is one of them thanks to our resident dentist! Our body care products are made from all-natural ingredients. We also sell animal products, produce,  and various breeds of goats. We’re constantly updating our shop so be sure to take a look.

Have you found your smile?

We’re a work in progress. We’ve made strong connections with other farmers, homesteaders, beekeepers, and goat farmers and discover something new about living a simpler sustainable clean-living lifestyle every single day.

We want to create a culture of kindness that inspires others to live more sustainably and follow their dreams. Take some time to meet the Dental Goats and look around Tooth Acres Farm. We know you’ll find something to smile about.