Tooth Acres Farm

Goats and Sustainable Living on our Little Ol’ West Virginia Homestead

Every day we celebrate at Tooth Acres Farm. We celebrate and savor those moments that bring us happiness, beauty and a full rich life. We’re your West Virginia myotonic goat farmers, beekeepers, and creators of sustainable and holistic small-batch products.

And, we’re so glad to see you here.

Love Our Goats.

Have you ever met a goat you didn’t love? Us either. Our little herd of myotonic (fainting) goats and Nigerian Dwarf goats keep our smiles wide and our laughter loud. Rarely standing still, our goats leap about and climb on everything! They are loving and curious and there is no end to the mischief and happiness they bring to Tooth Acres Farm. They’d love to meet you. Head on over to say hi!

Inspire Sustainability.

Cleaner and more sustainable living is the answer to a simpler happier life. Tooth Acres Farm makes holistic and handmade small-batch products offered for sale to our local community and through our website. You’ll find body and oral health care products, organically grown produce, honey, handcrafted woodworking items, eggs, goats, and goat products.

Dream Big.

Love our Dental GOATS, interested in how we live on the farm, or simply have a heart for all the same things we love?  You can read all about the happenings on Tooth Acres with our regularly updated blog posts. Or, join us on Instagram for the latest and greatest. 

We Found A Piece Of Heaven At Tooth Acres Farms

Joyful simple farm life is what you’ll find at Tooth Acres Farm. And it’s reflected in the way that we live, work, worship, and love each other at Tooth Acres Farm. 

Hi, we’re Ariel and Ben Wood and our 30-acre homestead is some of the most beautiful farm country you’ll ever find. We’re located in rural West Virginia in the little town of Mount Zion. In 2020, we established Tooth Acres Farms and became first-generation goat farmers and beekeepers.

“The Lord will send a blessing on your barns and on everything you put your hand to. The Lord your God will bless you in the land.” Deuteronomy 28:8

Being first-generation means we’ve jumped feet first into living a simpler life that includes really early mornings, hard work, tenacity, big dreams, and a surprisingly large amount of our time being covered in dirt.

We’ve got goats to raise, chickens to lay eggs, ducks to feed, dogs to play with, kids to love, tractors to drive, bees to sweeten our life, and delicious fresh vegetables to fill our farm table with an abundance that we share willingly with you. There’s always something to do and we love every minute of it.

We invite you to learn more about us, our land, our animals, our Dental GOATS, our products,  and why we do what we do. Are you ready to take a tour of our little piece of heaven?

Being first-generation means we’ve jumped feet first into living a simpler life...

Natural. Sustainable. Hand Made.

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Sweet Mint Lip Repair

It Takes Strength and Grit

What’s it like to live this beautiful life?  What does it take to be a dentist and goat farmer? Read all about life on the farm with Ariel, Ben, the boys, and the Dental GOATs.